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Lab Members

Woman smiling slightly

Alexis Hiniker

Principle Investigator

UW Information School

Ethical design of ubiquitous systems

Woman smiling slightly

Ishita Chordia

PhD Student

UW Information School

Designing for resilient, sustainable communities

Man smiling slightly in front of the golden gate bridge

Chris (Yue) Fu

PhD Student

UW Information School

Technology overuse, digital youth, and design

Man smiling slightly

Kai Lukoff

PhD Candidate


Designing for digital wellbeing

Woman smiling slightly in front of a field of red flowers

Amanda Baughan

PhD Student

UW Computer Science & Engineering

Communication technologies for mental health and strong relationships


White woman with red hair stands in a grassy field wearing a black shirt

Camille Cobb

Assistant Professor, University of Illinois Urbana-Champagne

Department of Computer Science

Asian woman in a yellow shirt standing in front of a wall

Ying-Yu Chen

Assistant Professor, National Chiao Tung University

Department of Communication and Technology

Past and Current Undergraduate and Master's Students

Emily Bascom

Yifan Lin

Amulya Paramasivam

Ashley Boone

Jack Lo

Raveena Rao

Yeqi Chen

Lynn Nguyen

Tala Talebi

Carol Cheng

Yiran Ni

Larry Tian

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